Speedy exists to provide a simple means to gather and view Ookla Speedtest results. Strategically placed speedtesters (clients) are configured locally to run the Speedy Client script at any specified interval against any specified Ookla server. Select a Speedy Client above to view the Ookla Speedtest results it has provided.

When viewing a Speedy Client's data page, make note of the following details:

  • Link Speed: Obviously, the results of a Speedy Client won't exceed the Link Speed.

  • Server Name: Depending on what is being diagnosed, knowing who maintains the server might make a difference.

  • Server Location: Relying purely on the Server Name may not provide good context for where a server is placed on the internet. Use the Server Location field to get a better idea of a server's physical location.

  • Date and Time: If troubleshooting a congested network, ensuring results from the time of congesting is critical.